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womenAfter years as a reporter in India pursuing stories about primitive traditions, human rights abuses and political and social strife, I have come to see the role of a journalist as a raconteur engaged in a debate and discovery — a discourse vital for the survival of civilization and humanity. So, too, is art, which draws on the same raw material — our perceptions of life, interpretation of facts and quest for self-expression. This website showcases examples of reporting and opinion writing, as well as digital and tradition art that explores reality through an “inner” eye.


About Nirmal

I've been a journalist for 40 years, having split my career between India and the United States. After reporting extensively on social and political conflict in India, I earned scholarships at the United Nations and Stanford University, and eventually moved to the U.S., where I have worked as an editor with four newspapers, currently with Newsday, Long Island, NY. Art is my passion. When I'm not racing deadlines at work, I'm sketching or painting outdoors or drawing on a computer.

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