Some of my stories and interviews, over a span of 40 years as a reporter and editor in India and the United States.

Cover of the Sunday cover story on the Slave Children of Mandsaur, 1980 Cover story by Nirmal Mitra on hijras in India Magazine, 1983


When a cricket match is more than a game, Newsday, New York, June 2024

Cricket’s spills and thrills comes to LI, Newsday, New York, September 2023

Agreeing to disagree on Modi’s India,  Newsday, New York, August 2023

The Slave Children of Mandsaur, Sunday magazine, India, December 1980

Solar Eclipse, Sunday magazine, India, February 1980

The Saga of a Hijra GoddessIndia Magazine, April 1984

Vendetta in Sitapur, Sunday magazine, India, January 1985

The Chikan Workers of Lucknow, Sunday magazine, India, March 1985

The Battle for the Temple, Sunday magazine, India, May 1986

The War for Peace, Sunday magazine, India, November 1987

Kidnapped!, Sunday magazine, India, January 1988

Hindu Right Blames Muslims for Bombay Bombings, Oakland Tribune, March 1993

Can India Avoid Chaos?, San Jose Mercury News, May 1991

Interview to Stanford Daily, May 1991

Punjab Revisited: The Tears Remain, Sunday magazine, India, July 1992

The Foreign Invasion, Sunday magazine, India, November 1992

Thought for Food, Sunday magazine, India, April 1993